Saturday, May 9, 2009

Syidah sweetie - Ipoh Perak

This cuppies are specially requested from my lil sweetie cousin..Shidah..dari ipoh...she's only 9yrs old..but so talented in baking n decorating cookies n cakes (every year dia buatkan kek for our granny..rajin tau..) n her mama plak has a wedding boutique in Ipoh.."Inai Seri Pengantin" wonder she's got the talent!!About the design, most of d ideas cames from her...n i do it accordingly...

The cuppies flavor is combination of funky orange n choc. lover...biasala..bdk2 choc is a must..!!Thank you shidah...sanggup pujuk mama datang shah alam nak amik cup cakes naughty..hhehehe

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