Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa Dave...

This cake are so special to me!

This special golf theme cake nie requested by Mrs. Shin(my neighbour) for his beloved hubby..Honestly, this is my 1st time buat besday cake..(i'm still new into this field), selalu buat cuppies jer...act. she asked me to make a simple golf clubs decos..wit the balls..
since i'm too excited,i've tried my best to make the golf bag also..even with my lil' skills n knowledges on fondant..n here's the result..lil' bit messy here n there:(

Barula rehan tau betapa susahnya nak meratakan's really tough for me (as a beginner!!) takes a long hour for me to finish up the decos..n a big thank for my hubby coz' sanggup temankan rehan sepanjang mlm sampai tertido kat kerusi mkn...kesian!!
To Shin: tq so much for ur trust..n..really appreciate ur support me in future!

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