Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hasil Kreatif Student Poli Shah Alam..Part 1

Ni la hasil kreatif student2 PSA..act. ada citer disebalik 'kewujudan' cuppies nie..this is what we called 'rezeki'...nak jadik citer, rehan 'berkenalan' ngan student PSA nie kat clinic(masa tu g bwk my baby for check up)..alih2, they asked me to be a mentor for their entreprenuer project..terkejut gak..iyela..i'm really new into this..but wit a lil' guts n support from my hubby..i decided to accept it...basicly, i hv to teach n show them on how to bake a cuppies n decos..cewah..mcm pro jer!hehehhe..n..need to provide some info on buss profile..(mcm dah lama bukak co.:)

so,from next week onwards diorang akan 'berkampung' kat rumah rehan la...syok gak biler entertain bebudak nie..teringat masa zaman2 study dulu..sibuk interview org utk buat assignment...:)hmmm..i miss all my frenzz..(tetiba plak teringat kengkawan)...

Wait..there'll be more stories n designs to come....!!!!

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